About Empress D.

Kneel Before your Goddess!

Kneel Before your Goddess!

About Empress:

I turn men into Pigs in my pen, the depraved into Losers, and the pathetically weak into Human ATM machines. With my HUGE F-cup Breasts, Big Juicy Ass and intoxicating essence, I completely hypn0-fuck you into becoming my Pet. I own you. I use you. You embrace your purpose to serve me your True Goddess. You are emasculated, tortured, pleasured by your undoing. You tribute GENEROUSLY for what I’ve made you become. I laugh at your expense, deny you of what you’ve worked so hard to earn. It is now too late to retrieve the life you once had, now lost to your Powerful Goddess.

For the cockless prepubescent sissies, I will convert you from the man you once thought yourself of, into the incontrovertible whore that you are. You will be dressed as the slut you were born to be and begin training in the arts of phallic sucking and fucking. Once you graduate into being the good cocksucking whore you were born to be, you will be assigned street duties to pay your Sissy tax to ME.

I have special assignments too for the perverted Losers that become EDDICTED to wanking off to my Breast Worship, Ass Worship and Voyeur clips. Loser tax is a hefty price and will be paid in FULL by wanking off while watching my clips, all while other men watching them are also wanking and tributing on/off online. Losers will be assigned a special screen name such as “DaisysSickFuck” so that EVERYONE will know who owns their cock.

My favorite of all the Weak are my Money Slaves that know that what Goddess wants, Goddess deserves. They know their role as a man is to serve the luxurious lifestyle of Mine because their life is MEANINGLESS. They know that being born as a man, their purpose is to provide their Goddess with ANYTHING she wants. A good PayPig immediately assigns himself to monthly bills and is Generous with 3 figure tributes. He knows he is only to be left with enough to feed himself and live. He is NOT to live a life of pleasure outside of his Goddess’ world.

I’m a Demanding Goddess. I ALWAYS gets what I want! Your purpose is to submit to me and obey my EVERY order. Whether it’s funding my greed or just disporting with assigned tasks, you follow through on my demands for the pure pleasure of pleasing your one and only TRUE Goddess, Empress Daisy Delfina.

About Daisy Delfina

 Those who have come into her presence know that Daisy has something very special, very unique, in her character. Admirers have come to love her as well as those who envy her have come to emulate her. She welcomes all into her world of excitement and pleasure as she brings her livestream shows all over the U.S.A and internationally. Besides her club appearances, you can catch her guest starring in T.V., movies and noted in books, blogs and articles doing what she loves best- being the always seductive and enticing Daisy Delfina.

About Me Details

Languages: English, Spanish, some Italian and French

Turn Ons: Sense of Humor, style, Romance, and Intelligence

Turn Off’s: Arrogance, cheapness and rudeness

Hobbies: Reading, traveling to exotic places, hiking, tennis, snorkeling, astronomy

Designers: Tom Ford, Louboutin, Chanel, Gucci, Vuitton, Ferragamo, Hermes

Jewelry: Graff, Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany

Scents: Bond No.9, Chanel, Tiffany, Annick Goutal, (with Gardenia, Jasmine and Rose notes)

Lingerie: Agent Provacateur, Wolford, La Perla, Kiki de Montparnasse

Little Things: French Perfume, Roses, Cards, Teuscher champagne truffles, scented candles, Dom Perignon

Cities I would LOVE to visit: Toronto, Montreal(again), Ottawa, Hamilton, Windsor, Belleville, Pasadena, San Francisco(again), Los Angeles(again), San Diego(again), Santa Barbara(again), Maui(again), Milan, Sicily, Florence(again and again!), Rome(again), Naples(again), Venice (again), Paris(AGAIN), London, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bali, Fiji, Galapagos, Singapore, Sydney and Cairo. More to come!

Favorite Places to Shop ’till I Drop: 5th Avenue/Madison Avenues in NYC, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

I LOVE prezzies so spoil me here oft!  My AMAZON Wishlist

Princess Shopping spree!

Princess Shopping spree!

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